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Moonbeam Organizing, LLC helps clients create more space for abundance and find their treasures with ease through photo organizing, home organizing and home inventory services.

Empathy, mindfulness, and creativity are cornerstones of my practice. I am here to support you whether you are facing a new challenge or are ready to clear an old one. Do you and your partner have opposing views on organizing? Are you planning to move or renovate your home? Do you struggle to find that particular picture of your grandchild buried amongst tens of thousands of images? I create personalized solutions for my clients honoring their unique needs and lifestyles.

Clutter-free living has profound emotional, mental, and physical benefits. You know what you have and where to find it, saving money and being sustainable in the process. Most importantly, you gain more time and space for what matters most.

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Professional Organizing Services

Schedule a Free 30-Minute Conversation. Discuss what brought you here and your desired outcome. I answer your questions and ask some of my own to get clear on the scope of the project.

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Home organizing services in Easton & Annapolis Maryland

Home Organizing Services

Decluttering, sorting, arranging. These are powerful actions. The purpose is not to purge but to understand what you have and how you use it. We implement customized systems for paperwork, closets, pantries, creative spaces, small spaces and more. The result is a thoughtful space where each of your belongings has a dedicated home. Offerings include in-person organizing, virtual organizing/coaching and a package incorporating both in-person and virtual sessions (hybrid). One in-person session is $390/half day up to 4 hours.

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Home Inventory Services

Our home inventory services provide comprehensive documentation of the contents of your home, including artwork and vital documents. The inventory includes images, detailed locations, descriptions, and values. It can also include asset distribution information if desired. This service is invaluable for estate planning, disaster preparedness and insurance purposes. $775/day up to 8 hours.

Photo organizing in Annapolis & Easton Maryland

Digital Photo Organizing Services

In today’s digital age the sheer volume can get overwhelming. All plans include duplicate and blurry image removal, organizing folder system, backup and simple maintenance instructions. We support clients both locally and remotely. It makes my heart happy to help organize your photos so you can easily preserve and share your visual stories! Starts at $1,195 for your first 15,000 photos.

Hello, I’m Judy!

My business was born from my desire to help others create a home that is their haven. A calm and organized space, whether physical or digital, positively impacts quality of life. My mission (and I choose to accept it!) is to support you in making positive shifts and learning strategies that sustain this way of living with your space and your things long after our work is done.

I was that artistic child with the tidy room. The left brain right brain balance led me towards a decade-long career in both arts administration and art making. The last twenty years were focused on managing high value art collections, museum exhibitions and public art projects. I currently serve as Treasurer of the NAPO-Washington DC Metro Chapter and as Chair of the State of Maryland’s Commission on Public Art.

I am honored to be of support so you can fully enjoy the spaces and things you love!

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Judy Kwon

Our in-home organizing sessions cater to residents in Annapolis & Easton, Maryland, and the surrounding area. Additionally, our virtual services are accessible to clients anywhere!

We extend a warm welcome to clients from diverse backgrounds, embracing all races, religions, cultures, identities, abilities, and orientations.

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